Important publications

  1. Service Book
  2. Gazetted Entitlement Register
  3. Pension Book
  4. Government Calendar
  5. Government Diary
  6. Daily Remembrance
  7. Acts
  8. Codes
  9. Manuals
  10. Provident fund pass book etc

Sale of all government publications are done through Publications Store in Thiruvananthapuram Government Central Press and District Form Stores, subject to availability of stock.

Sales Time: Morning 10.30 am to 1.00 pm
  Afternoon 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm

Agency for Sale of Government Publications

Agents are appointed for the sale of government publications in all districts on agency basis, under the following amended regulations and conditions.

Agency regulations

  1. All authorised book sellers are eligible to be appointed as agents for sale of Government Publications.
  2. Every agent, on appointment, should deposit a security deposit of Rs 5000/- (Five thousand Rupees only) in Treasury Savings Bank. The passbook of the said savings bank account should be pledged with the Director of Printing Department as a Bond. ( G.O (Rt) no 2799/14/H.E.D dt 26.01.2014)
  3. For claiming 25 % commission, the agent should purchase publications for a minimum amount of Rs 3000 (Rupees Three thousand only) each time.
  4. The ownership of agency is non transferable to another person. But, in case of death of the agent, agency can be transferred to the name of the legal heir of the agent .
  5. Agents should renew their agency licenses once in three years ( before March 31st) by remitting renewal fees of Rs 1000 (Rupees One thousand only) on the head 0058 – S&P – 800 – other receipts. (G.O (Rt) no 2799/14/H.E.D dt 26.01.2014)
  6. Publications once sold to the agents shall not be taken back.
  7. The right to issue new license for the sale of government publications and renewal of license deems with the Director of Printing Department.
  8. Custody or sale of unauthorised copies and prints of Government Publications, common forms and registers by authorised agencies is a punishable offence. Authorised agents are liable to bring to the notice of the concerned authorities regarding any such unauthorised custody or sale, in their knowledge.